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For many tourists and holidaymakers, Wales is a surprisingly diverse destination featuring a magnificent blend of towns and landscapes ranging from picturesque mountain valleys and large areas of unspoilt countryside to popular coastal regions featuring tiny fishing villages and bustling modern day cities. There are several attractions and places to visit on offer to those who choose to spend their holidays in Wales including famous abbeys and monasteries, historic churches and religious sites, large medieval castles and listed buildings, historically significant Roman sites and a wealth of fascinating museums and art galleries.

The central mountain range in Wales divides the country effectively into three different cultural and economic regions which are North Wales, Mid Wales and South Wales. North Wales contains several picturesque towns and holiday destinations such as the island of Anglesey with its aquatic zoo, ancient castles and famous lighthouse, and the small coastal city of Bangor which provides an excellent base for those wishing to visit the Snowdonia National Park.

Mid Wales is situated in a mostly mountainous and sparsely populated region, it is home to the coastal town of Aberystwyth which is where you will find both the University of Wales and the National Library of Wales. The vast majority of the population in this region consists mainly of students as there are around nine thousand of them in total attending various courses of further education.

South Wales is a much more densely populated area when compared to the North and contains several well known cities including Cardiff (the Welsh capital), Newport and Swansea. It is a very mixed area offering an excellent selection of places to shop, several restaurants and lots of things to see and do. South Wales also boasts an outstanding industrial heritage and this is where you will find the main steel processing town of Port Talbot and the central valleys of Glamorgan which was renowned as the main centre of the Welsh coal mining industry.

Popular dishes which are frequently enjoyed in Wales include lamb broth, Welsh rarebit, laver bread and several nationally produced award winning ice-creams.

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