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The United States of America is an extremely difficult place to sum up in just a few words, which is hardly surprising when one considers its sheer size combined with its extraordinarily vast blend of cultures and unique customs. There are several popular destinations amongst tourists who travel to the USA on holiday and some of the most talked about include the big cities and states such as New York, Chicago, Francisco, Florida, California and Las Vegas, not to mention Miami, Hawaii, Hollywood and Texas!

Perhaps the most obvious destination in America is New York, with its famous Statue of Liberty and the towering Empire State Building. The subject of countless famous songs and the setting of thousands of movies with its timeless jazz clubs, filthy yellow cabs and Central Park, New York represents what many consider to be America at its very heart and soul.

For sunshine seekers, the holiday destination of choice would have to be Florida with its gorgeous climate and magnificent holiday. California is also immensely popular amongst holidaymakers as it too boasts an excellent coastline and some amazing cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco. There's also Las Vegas with its countless gargantuan hotel casinos where you can win or lose an entire fortune in the space of a single evening! The list of attractions to be found in the USA is quite literally endless and includes a diverse spectrum of both man-made and natural marvels ranging from the Grand Canyon to Disneyland.

With so many airlines offering cheap flights to USA, there has never been a better time to take the plunge and explore the this alluring and overwhelming country to the maximum, although it would probably take a lifetime in itself just to take in all the sights and sounds at least once which America has to offer. Perhaps the best way to experience the USA is by actually living there for a short while and the best way is to find some suitable accommodation using the internet once you have finally set your heart on your chosen destination.

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