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Thailand is the holiday destination that dreams are made of and is the most popular tourist spot that South-East Asia has to offer. Millions of holidaymakers are drawn to Thailand every years and it's not difficult to see why when you think of the multitude of exotic delights and hedonistic pursuits that are to be discovered and enjoyed in its magnificently diverse and culturally rich landscape.

If the thought of lounging on the beach in paradise and swimming through crystal clear waters is your idea of heaven, then it makes perfect sense to indulge yourself with a once in a lifetime vacation in Phuket on southern shores of Thailand. The glittering white sands and swaying palm trees here are almost too beautiful for words and, once you've arrived, you may be forgiven for thinking that you've quite literally fallen straight into the pages of a fabulously enticing holiday brochure.

Of course, no trip to Thailand could ever be considered complete without visiting the capital city, Bangkok, which is a shopper's paradise and one of the most visually compelling and culturally vibrant cities in the whole world. Here you'll find one of the most addictively engaging nightlife scenes imaginable with a dazzling array of neon signs, towering skyscrapers and bright city lights. In the daytime, there are several historical temples to explore, busy markets, gleaming palaces and an incredible selection of places to eat and drink.

In terms of climate, Thailand is a mostly tropical region and has three main seasons which are the cool season, the hot season and the rainy season. The cool season starts in November and continues until the end of February. This is traditionally the most popular time for tourists to visit the country although flight prices can be particularly expensive at this time of year and finding suitable accommodation can be quite difficult.

Throughout the hot season, which lasts from March to June, the temperatures can be quite excessive and can often reach highs of around 40C, which is probably the best time of year for those intent on soaking up the rays on a lazy Thai beach holiday. The rainy season lasts from July to October, although the vast majority of tropical monsoons usually strike during September. Although the rain isn't constant throughout this period, when the clouds do decide to burst they do so with force so you can certainly expect the occasional flood depending on where you choose to stay.

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