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fishing from fishing boats, and going to the beach, all on one very unique holiday. Your Senegal holiday will provide first-class adventure in the most beautiful settings imagineable.

If you like to get to know the local people when you are on vacation, the Senegal Village Festival will be ideal for you. You can meet the Chief of the local village, and witness the song and dance ceremonies.

Another unique treat is the delightful pink water of Pink Lake. This is a beautiful sight which you surely have never seen before.

You might also like the Abuko Nature Reserve. With many exotic birds and animals, it is Senegal's natural environment at its best.

The Bandia Park is another of Senegal's game reserves which you will not want to miss. Chock-full of wildlife, you can view rhinoceros, buffalo, giraffe, and others, before taking a peaceful lunch in the park's restaurant.

Senegal's cuisine has much French influence. After a rich meal of chicken or seafood, and sweet ice cream, you can enjoy a hot demitasse-- a strong, Senegal-style coffee which includes egg to add to its rich flavor.

After you have taken in the sights and activities of the day, some quiet time underneath the coconut trees will be a wonderful treat. This is only one of the many unique experiences which await you on your holiday in Senegal. There are few other places on the globe where you can have and do so much in one location.

When you rent a Senegal property for your holiday, your stay will be even better. After you have seen what Senegal has to offer, you will surely want to make it the travel destination for your vacations in the future.

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