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If you are trying to decide on a location for your next vacation, a Poland holiday may be the answer for you. Whether you wish to explore museums, churches, local culture, or other attractions, you can find much that is suited to your tastes in your Poland holiday.

A trip to Poland will not been complete without visiting Auschwitz. Today, it is known as the town of Oswiecim. Nearly every American, regardless of age, is familiar with the role Auschwitz played during the Second World War. Approximately one and a half million lives were ended in this Nazi concentration camp. There are many reasons to visit this place-- including reverence for the deceased and gratitude for life today.

You might also like to visit Warsaw, Poland's capital. It is a lively city, offering many opportunities to the people of Poland. Its amazing development over a relatively short period of time is sure to impress you, as will its basic, simple beauty.

Poland's castles and palaces are also lovely sights to see. As they were built many centuries ago, you may be surprised at some of the events which take place. The reenactment of duels and other competitions amongst knights will be quite a treat for your whole family. The Kornik, Krasiczyn, Niedzica, Lancut, and Baranow Sandomierski Castles are ones you will definitely want to visit if you want to experience all that this country has to offer.

You will surely want to try some traditional Polish cuisine during your vacation. It generally consists of hearty foods which are relatively high in calories. Many types of soup are very popular-- a variety of meats and vegetables are amongst the favorites, often served with rice or noodles.

When you think about it, you will surely agree that wonderful accommodations make a good vacation perfect. The Poland apartment you rent for your holiday will provide this and more for you.

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