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Austria has always been a firmly established favourite amongst those seeking the perfect winter sports holiday destination, but in recent years it has also gained vast degree of popularity amongst holidaymakers searching for a viable alternative in terms of summer destinations. With its magnificently stunning views, fast flowing rivers, clean lakes and impeccable mountain vistas, it is safe to say that Austria offers its visitors a truly unique holidaying experience which is impossible to find anywhere else in the rest of Europe.

In addition to boasting a glorious backdrop of effortlessly awe-inspiring Alpine scenery, Austria is also blessed with a remarkably significant cultural heritage which is meticulously emphasised by its painstakingly unique yet impressively abundant examples of traditional baroque architecture and its rich history of classical music. In the city of Salzburg, you will find an exhilarating array beautifully constructed churches, compelling monuments and a startling selection of almost mathematically perfect squares and fountains which seem to surmise, in an almost blunted fashion, the pride and attention to detail that Austrians lovingly cherish.

Another of Austria's main attractions for those who visit is the diverse range of culinary delights on offer. Practically all Austrian cooking consists of fresh, local produce which is used to create some of the finest hearty dishes known to man, including the renowned backstube which consists of pork medallions cooked with garlic and is served with cooked grated potato. Chocolate pudding is also a firm favourite, particularly amongst those who tend to avoid low calorie and low diets.

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