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Australia is a vastly overwhelming and diverse holiday destination featuring huge open landscapes, dense tropical rainforests, incredible beaches, an impressive array of rugged mountains, large rivers and visually striking landmarks such as the Great Barrier Reef and Ayres Rock. The wildlife in Australia is also startlingly unique and includes a wonderful blend of bizarre creatures ranging from kangaroos, koala bears, crocodiles and sharks to colourful and unusual birds such as emus and cockatoos.

The island itself was originally discovered by captain cook in the 18th century and was later colonised by thousands of British convicts throughout the course of the next hundred or so years. Although Australia was originally inhabited solely by its Aboriginal tribes, it is now home to a vibrant mixture of people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds existing side by side in a flawlessly laidback and welcoming environment.

Some of the most popular cities, resorts and regions amongst those seeking to explore the country to the full include Adelaide, Brisbane, Queensland, Melbourne, Perth, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Of course, no trip to Australia could ever be considered complete without a visit to Sydney and its stunning harbour which between them provide an incredible range of activities to enjoy including scuba diving water sports, climbing, cruises, ferry trips and sightseeing. It's here that you will find the world famous Opera House which is without a doubt one of the most recognisable examples of modern architecture in the world.

In terms of food and drink, many Australians like nothing more than to indulge themselves with a traditional barbecue on the beach accompanied by a few pints of the good old amber nectar! However, more sophisticated tastes are also catered for in abundance and you will also find a dazzling choice of cafes and restaurants offering exquisitely exotic seafood dishes, fine wines and a wide range of cuisines from around the world.

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